Compound microscope
OBS 116

Product family: OBS-1

The school microscope – for the first steps in microscopy and for use in biology lessons


Optical system Finite
Tube type Binocular
Ocular magnifications 10 x
Ocular visual field 18 mm
Standard objectives 4×, 10×, 40×
Lens quality achromatic
Nosepiece screw-in locations 4
Illuminance Transmitted light
Illumination type transmitted light LED
Illumination intensity transmitted light 0,5 W
Focusing mechanism coaxial coarse and fine drive
Fine drive minimum 0,00025 mm
Dimension (W×D×H) 130×300×310 mm
Product family OBS-1
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Ralf Gutbrod
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360° rotating microscope head
Binocular microscope
Abbe condenser
LED lighting
Mains adapter


  • The KERN OBS range is a solid and simple school microscope range, which is easy to use due to its intuitive control elements
  • The 0,5 W LED guarantees optimum illumination of the samples and also ensures long service life
  • This model has a condenser which is height-adjustable and can therefore be focussed and has an aperture diaphragm, which ensures the very best concentration of light
  • To focus the object, all models have a coarse and fine focusing knob on both sides. The mechanical stage enables you to work with the samples and move them rapidly
  • A large selection of different eyepieces and objectives is also available
  • Scope of application: Primary school, secondary school, training, hobby use
  • Applications/Samples: Translucent, thin, high-contrast, less complex samples (e.g. plant tissue, coloured cells/ parasites)


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