▸ Shipping costs

See the table below for guideline values which may be due for pallet shipments. The displayed freight costs may vary from the values given on the basis of volume based freight cost calculations. In this regard, please note the freight costs given at the end of the order process. For further details on delivery, shipping costs, sale or return etc. please see our GTC.

Does the delivery cost include transport insurance and if so, what is covered by this insurance?
Every order which leaves our logistics centre has transport insurance. We will pay these costs – You do not need to pay anything.
Transport insurance covers all damage and loss until the goods are received by you. If damage should occur or if an item should go missing, you will receive a replacement product quickly and with no fuss.

Which transport company will be used to deliver my order?
KERN works with all major courier services and shipping companies. After successful dispatch from our logistics centre you will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail.

▸ within the EU + UK