Software SCD-4.0-PRO Flexible recording or transfer of measurements, particularly to Microsoft® Excel or Access


  • For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems
  • Supports balances measuring devices with RS 232, RS 485, Bluetooth, LAN or WLAN network (TCP/UDP/IP)
  • Highly flexible formatting and design of the output (any order and position, formatting and rounding), particularly recording of date and time for every value transferred, if required
  • Any number of devices/interfaces can be connected, as well as simultaneous and synchronised recording of several balances
  • Key-activated or time-controlled interrogation of measurements or trigger of device functions, also for continuous recording
  • The interface protocols for KERN balances are already predefined (standard configuration). Support of other balances is possible through flexible configuration
  • Compatible interface cable included when you order a KERN balance at the same time
  • Many different transfer and recording options:
    • - Microsoft Excel/Access/Word in the foreground or background
    • - Other Windows applications (through key simulation), e.g. shipping software or ERP system (SAP, Sage, etc.)
    • - File recording (e.g. as text or CSV file)
    • - Free printout on text, label or even office printers
    • - Screen output such as large display, line chart (drying curve for moisture analyzer), histogram, etc.

Additional features of the BalanceConnection PRO version:
  • ODBC/SQL databases such as SQL Server or MySQL
  • Transfer to HTTP Webservices/Web forms
  • Histogram: graphic display of those values outside the limits
  • Enables the connection of medical balances to practice EDP systems using the device data transfer protocol (GDT) and also the HL7 protocol
  • Implementation of programs/scrips using freely-definable command lines
  • Command sequences
  • Defining the conditions for specific events and the reaction to these events
  • Filter for stability recognition (configurable value storage
  • central configuration repository, e.g. on the network
  • On-screen displays with configurable user interface for flexible balance operation

  • Ideal software where weighing data which has been collected needs to be transferred to a Windows PC
  • Particularly suitable for professional integration of weighing systems into existing networks where there is a high demand for automated data transfer and further processing, for integration of databases
  • Automatic recording, e.g. for long-term tests
  • GLP-compliant lab software
  • For each license, you can use as many balances as you need at one PC/workstation
  • Can be used across different branches and applications
  • Also available as a cost-optimised package with 5 licenses, you save 25 %!
  • Also available immediately as a download license
  • Demo version: (Full functionality, use limited to 10 days)


Financing is available using KERN hire purchase - easy and convenient.

Hire Purchase gives you the option of purchasing any product from the range against a simple monthly installment. The product value is financed over the period of the agreement. On payment of the last installment, the ownership of the contract item automatically transfers from the contractor to the contractee.

The Hire Purchase Agreement can - if you so choose - be set for a period of between one and five years. All goods paid for in rates are covered by the warranty over the complete time period of the hire purchase

Compared with buying the product, KERN hire purchase offers the advantage that the initial financial investment is largely unnecessary. This is particularly relevant when purchasing a number of products, for example when refitting a laboratory, a company department or a hospital ward. In addition the monthly installments constitute a direct cost and the item does not have to be capitalised by the purchaser.


this is where you can search for spare parts for devices which you are already using. Ideally you will search using the serial number, which is given on the type plated under [SN].
Alternatively you can search by item number, which is also indicated on the type plate under [REF].
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Scope of delivery
1 CD, 1 license
€ 345,00
1 CD, 5 licenses
€ 1.330,00
Download link for 1 license
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