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  • Note: Prerequisite for this set is the basic program SET-01 Base
  • EasyTouch PrePack supports all weighing processes involved with the manufacture of prepacked items with three functions: Basic, Checking and Production
  • PrePack Basic: This function is for rapid determination of average fill levels. Amongst other applications, it can be used for adjusting filling machines, in order to dispense the quantities correctly. Each weighed object can be recorded individually, overfilling (waste) can also be recorded. With drainage processes, the drained weight of foodstuffs is recorded in packaging with liquid medium. This also applies to deep-frozen food
  • PrePack Checking: This function performs calculations in accordance with prepackaging legislation (FPVO). A random sample is pulled which is used to determine the actual fill levels and is analysed in a compliant manner. The software calculates relevant average values from the random sample elements and evaluates this on the basis of normative criteria (TU, Tabs). The result of a measurement sequence gives an indication as to whether the actual fill levels meet the particular nominal fill levels or not. PrePack Checking allows you to select between a fixed tare value (static tare), determining a tare value in advance ("Tare before" particularly for measurements in manufacturing) and determining the tare value afterwards ("Tare after" particularly for downstream food inspections)
  • PrePack Production: This function supports all prepack processes, where the products are to be labelled with individual weights and prices, rather than a fixed nominal fill level. PrePack Production permits the creation and printing of sophisticated labels in a highly-efficient way, including images, barcodes and individual weight and price data
  • Pause: Every measurement sequence can be paused and the data can be saved temporarily. Paused measurement sequences can be re-started at any time
  • Random sample: the size of the random sample can either be entered in advance or be determined in the course of the weighing sequence
  • ID security: This offers the possibility of providing every weighed and stored weighing result with a unique ID number. The saving process always occurs on a fully-automatic basis whenever the load is taken off the balance and then load is applied again. This means that the user does not have to press any buttons for mass storage and can therefore work efficiently
  • Total price and VAT: In PrePack Production the price can be defined either using a base price per gramme or kilogramme or using a fixed price for defined weight ranges. The VAT rate can also be stored in percent
  • Nutritional information: The system can manage this information for each foodstuff (see mandatory information). The specified nutrition labelling can form part the printed label as a table
  • Figure: Any number of images, logos and icons can form part of the printed label
  • Size and design: The printed label can be designed completely as you wish and any size you wish, e.g. you can adjust the text blocks, images, graphics and barcodes accordingly
  • Barcode: Print elements, such as, for example the item number can be printed out in clear text or as a barcode
  • Free text fields: Advertising text, slogans or product descriptions can be entered as you wish and output on the printed label. Formatting such as bold, italics or underline are also possible, as well as different font sizes
  • Best-before date: The system can automatically calculate and print out a best-before date
  • Serial number or batch number: PrePack can provide each printed label with a unique serial number or a fixed batch number. To output individual consecutive serial numbers, the user can define fixed prefixes or specific start numbers
  • Container master: Packaging objects (containers) can be created in the system with a fixed tare weight. PrePack production objects can be assigned to these items of packaging, so that a changing tare weight will automatically adapt to the master object
  • Efficient sequence: On the basis of all stored master data, as well as automatic calculations, e.g. prices, PrePack Production enables a highly-efficient workflow: The user merely places one packed product after the other onto the balance. PrePack Production registers each new weighing object automatically. The software automatically records the weight, carries out the calculations, triggers the printing of the label and saves the data into the tamper-proof measuring data memory
  • Balances which have been assessed for conformity: As with all other ET Apps, ET PrePack can also be operated with verified KERN balances (conformity assessment in accordance with NAWID, 2014/31/EU) with built-in alibi memory. The Alibi memory ID of the balance is transferred to the software and stored with the measuring data for each object in a tamper-proof manner. Using this measurement-related Alibi ID in the software, the verified weight can be clearly traced and evidenced in the balance memory if necessary


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