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EasyTouch Dynamic – Dynamic weighing & Animal weighing function


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Central Master Database
Master and Dynamic Data Proof


Validation IQ, OQ, PQ


  • Note: Prerequisite for this function is the basic program SET-01 Base
  • In the KERN EasyTouch Dynamic weighing & Animal weighing function it is easy to define a time period manually in seconds during which the weighing results should be recorded. During the course of a dynamic weighing procedure, the remaining time period will be shown clearly at all times through a clock which displays the remaining time
  • In continuous mode, the weighing is carried out with no time limit 3. During the weighing, the user can monitor the current measurement and the average measurement continuously. As soon as the movements of the average measurement have reduced to an acceptable safety level for the user, the user stops the measurement manually and pulls his average weight from all measurements in the measurement sequence. The user can save this with the duration of the measuring length
  • The dynamic weighing result appears in “kg C” or “g C”. “C” indicates that the weighing result has been calculated as an average value
  • Central master data memory: Dynamic weighing objects can be stored in the memory of the system with measurement duration (in seconds), name, ID number, image, etc. In this way this data does not have to constantly be entered again, but can be easily recalled from the memory. In the master data memory you can also store a possible tare value for the typical packaging, box or container which is typically used for the object and which will then be deducted automatically from the weighing result (pre tare)
  • ID security: “ID security” offers the possibility of storing each weighed and stored classification result with a unique ID number (Dynamic Object ID) and an ID name (Dynamic Object Name). The saving process can be triggered on a semi-automatic or fully-automatic basis and always after the load has been taken off the balance and when load is applied again. This means that the user does not have to press any buttons for mass storage operations and can work efficiently
  • PC print function and barcode scanning function: By operating the KERN EasyTouch App in a Windows® or Android™ environment you can use the full PC/tablet accessory infrastructure. In particular, standard Windows printers and PC label printers can print out extensive counting slips or compact adhesive labels with the count result to suit your requirements


  • The central data memory function SaveServer for additional storage of all measurement data in a central, local server directory. By doing this the measurement data of all connected KERN EasyTouch weighing systems as well as from all installed KERN EasyTouch functions will be stored. A particular benefit of doing this for those users with several weighing systems is that all weighing data is consolidated in just one database and you can search for individual measurement data from several balances in just one table. The Save-Server data memory is also tamper-proof and cannot be changed, KERN SET-10


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