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Central Master Database
Master and Dynamic Data Proof


Validation IQ, OQ, PQ


  • Note: Prerequisite for this function is the basic program SET-01 Base
  • Reference weight entry: The reference weight can be obtained in various ways: e.g. through manual entry of the reference weight and division calculation of the reference quantity, if necessary. The reference weight can be entered with as many decimal places as required. In this way, for example, reference weights can be used, which have been obtained from precision balances. Typically, the reference weight is obtained by placing the counted reference quantity on the balance and dividing it by one of the predefined reference quantities (REF key); or by placing a separate reference quantity on the balance and dividing by a reference quantity which is entered separately; or by selecting an object from the master data memory with stored reference weight
  • Central master data memory: Piececounting objects can be stored in the memory of the system with a reference weight, tare weight, name, ID number etc. In this way the reference weight does not have to constantly be entered again, but can be easily recalled from the memory. In the master data memory you can also store a possible tare value for the typical packaging, box or container which is typically used for the object and which will then be deducted automatically from the weighing result (pre tare) 
  • This highly-efficient workflow is possible with up-to-date master data:
    - Selection of the relevant object to be counted from the master data memory (e.g. by scanning a barcode)
    - Placing the counted quantity into the known tare container onto the balance
    - Reading the counting result (and storage, if necessary) - done! Compared to conventional counting balances, the time-consuming weighing and calculation of the reference weight is not necessary - this saves time and money!
  • The creation or modification of master data, e.g. reference weights, can be saved in a tamper-proof way in the dynamic data memory with responsible user and time stamp (Data Traceability). By doing this, the age of a stored reference weight is transparent, as is whether this value should be updated. It is possible to calculate a new reference weight easily and conveniently through piece counting and update the master data memory
  • Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the average piece weight value
  • PC print function and barcode scanning function: By operating the KERN EasyTouch App in a Windows® or Android™ environment you can use the full PC/tablet accessory infrastructure. In particular, standard Windows printers and PC label printers can print out extensive counting slips or compact adhesive labels with the count result to suit your requirements
  • Counting system function: Due to the fact that you can connect as many balances to the KERN EasyTouch as you like and the support of different balances in the piece-counting function, you can run a counting system. For example, the KERN EasyTouch piece counting function can be used with a precision scale to accurately determine the reference weight of the smallest reference objects and a platform scale to count larger quantities of the reference object. Both balances can be verified. Using the KERN EasyTouch counting system, components can be freely selected from the counting system
  • ID security: “ID security” offers the possibility of storing each weighed and stored classification result with a unique ID number (Dynamic Object ID) and an ID name (Dynamic Object Name). The saving process can be triggered on a semi-automatic or fully-automatic basis and always after the load has been taken off the balance and when load is applied again. This means that the user does not have to press any buttons for mass storage operations and can work efficiently


  • The central data memory function SaveServer for additional storage of all measurement data in a central, local server directory. By doing this the measurement data of all connected KERN EasyTouch weighing systems as well as from all installed KERN EasyTouch functions will be stored. A particular benefit of doing this for those users with several weighing systems is that all weighing data is consolidated in just one database and you can search for individual measurement data from several balances in just one table. The Save-Server data memory is also tamper-proof and cannot be changed, KERN SET-10
  • Target Count: This automatic Fill-totarget function allows you to enter a target quantity. When you are getting near to or you reach the target quantity, an audible and visual signal will be emitted. Ideal for e.g. for order-picking activities, KERN SET-33
  • Checkweighing in pieces: This function allows you to weigh in the tolerance range, but with a results display showing pieces instead of g, kg. In this function you can store a lower and an upper limit for the item. The system gives a different signal depending on whether the counting result is within or outside the tolerance range off, KERN SET-31
  • Precise counting: The automatic reference weight optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the average piece weight value


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