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Central Master Database
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Validation IQ, OQ, PQ


  • Note: Prerequisite for this function is the basic program SET-01 Base
  • The tolerance weighing function allows rapid, simple as well as complex checkweighing procedures. For this, the user specifies a lower and an upper weight limit. Using the KERN EasyTouch system, a range of objects can be weighed and the system indicates whether that particular weight is within the defined limits or is outside those limits. This function in many applications, including sorting, portion division as well as order picking
  • You can enter the limits very quickly in KERN EasyTouch Tolerance using the touchscreen or by entering them in the appropriate field on the PC. The limits can be entered in two ways: either just with the lower and upper limit (absolute limit) or using a target value with an upper and lower  permitted deviation. The permitted deviations can be entered either in “g” (as an absolute value) or in “%” of the target value (as a relative value)
  • Central master data memory: Checkweighing objects can be stored in the memory of the system with a target weight and lower and upper limits. In this way these limits do not have to constantly be entered again, but can be easily recalled from the memory. In the master data memory you can also store a possible tare value for the typical packaging, box or container which is typically used for the object and which will then be deducted automatically from the weighing result
  • ID security: “ID security” offers the possibility of storing each weighed and stored classification result with a unique ID number (Dynamic Object ID) and an ID name (Dynamic Object Name). The saving process can be triggered on a semi-automatic or fully-automatic basis and always after the load has been taken off the balance and when load is applied again. This means that the user does not have to press any buttons for mass storage operations and can work efficiently
  • Colour bar graph: Through the colour bar graph, the user is shown quickly and clearly, whether the weighing result is below, within or above the tolerance range. The red “I” result marking also shows the user where exactly the weight is within the tolerance range
  • Full-screen mode: In full-screen mode, the area of the result display is colored over the entire width of the screen in the respective result color of the tolerance weighing
  • Batch ID: In addition for “ID security” of each individual object, a “Batch ID” can be assigned for a full test batch. This batch ID number is saved with each individual memory. In this way, you guarantee that later all stored results in the dynamic data memory can be identified with this batch ID
  • Tolerance function in pieces: The checkweighing function can be performed in g, kg or alternatively in pieces. For this purpose, you can enter the individual weight of the count object (reference weight), the target piece count and the upper and lower limit piece count
  • Tolerance function in percent: It is possible to operate the checkweighing function as a percentage instead of g, kg or in pieces. To do this, enter the target value as well as the upper and lower values in percent


  • The central data memory function SaveServer for additional storage of all measurement data in a central, local server directory. By doing this the measurement data of all connected KERN EasyTouch weighing systems as well as from all installed KERN EasyTouch functions will be stored. A particular benefit of doing this for those users with several weighing systems is that all weighing data is consolidated in just one database and you can search for individual measurement data from several balances in just one table. The Save-Server data memory is also tamper-proof and cannot be changed, KERN SET-10
  • SET-261 Audio Management: With this option, individual voice or sound files can be stored in the system for specific events. As soon as the event occurs, the system plays the individual sound file instead of the standard sound file in this case. In this way, for example, clear voice output can be stored for workshops for the blind, such as “too light”, “OK” or “too heavy”, KERN SET-261
  • Quick keys for frequently used objects:
    - Automatic display of the last 8 master data objects used in the ET tolerance function in the footer of the weighing screen
    - Efficiency: Allows the user to select the right object at the push of a button
    - Avoids having to search for the right object in the master data memory, KERN SET- 311


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