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Central Master Database
Master and Dynamic Data Proof


Validation IQ, OQ, PQ


  • KERN EasyTouch function can be used on devices with Windows® PC or Android™ operating systems (tablet) I.e. you can use the software on PCs, laptops or tablets in the same way
  • The KERN EasyTouch operating system SET-01 ET OS (Basic package) is the platform used to operate of all KERN EasyTouch functions
  • Weight display: The large central weight display means you can easily read out or convert the weight into g, kg, pound, ounces or carat 
  • Targeted dispensing: Targeted dispensing enables entry of a target weight value and a permitted tolerance. The system gives the user visual and audible feedback when the target weight is reached when dosing. The visual feedback is supported through an intelligent bar graph with auto-focus on the target range
  • Percentage weighing: Permits display of the weight as a percentage in relation to a defined reference value. The reference value can be entered manually or be defined as the current weight = 100%. Automatic colour change of the bar graph (yellow, green, red)
  •  Totalizing (Rez A): Enables simple totalizing of different components for a recipe or totalizing of the same item distributed across different load carriers, e.g. on pallets 6. Every item is weighed separately, the app adds this to a total weight and displays the individual weights. Every item can be marked individually in the result log, e.g. with a batch description or item name/ID from the master data memory. Particular feature: Weighings from different balances can be merged together
  • User administration: Running the app means you need to be a registered user and it then enables you to save measuring data (Conformity to standards 21 CFR Part 11). User roles in a hierarchical structure permit binding adjustment and binding operating system workflows
  • Multi device use/administration: KERN EasyTouch can communicate with different compatible KERN balances. During an operation, it is possible to select between different balances, i.e. high-capacity balances for coarse measurements and precision balances for fine measurements (weighing system). The measurement results of all balances are stored in a standardised result log, including their origin (conformity to standards 21 CFR Part 11 amongst other standards)
  • Language administration: System languages are DE, EN, FR, ES, IT for clear display of work steps. Additional languages can be added
  • Central master data memory: All master data is stored here, centrally. This means that the same master data only needs to be entered once for different applications (e.g. recipes, components, etc). The master data can be copied manually from device to device (e.g. using a USB stick) or can be synchronised automatically using a network, e.g. recipes or components. Changes to master data can be blocked for certain user groups
  • PC print function & Barcode-Scan Function: Running the KERN EasyTouch software in a Windows® or Android™ environment means that you can use the complete PC/tablet accessory structure. In particular, standard Windows® printers, label printers, barcode readers to read barcode labels and much more
  • Manual TARE function: In each program point, the software user can manually reset the balance to zero (tare) or preset a fixed tare 
  • Verified operation: Weighing data from legally regulated applications can be stored and archived in a compliant manner in EasyTouch, by using active balances with valid verification and measurement memory. This compliant record keeping also applies for SaveServer verified operation: Weighing data from legally regulated applications can be stored and archived in a compliant manner in EasyTouch, by using active balances with valid verification and measurement memory. This compliant record keeping also applies to SaveServer
  • The software can be used to carry out adjustments (for certain KERN models). This function is activated later
  • Weighing units can be selected: g, kg, pound, ounces, Carat
  • Software à la carte: KERN EasyTouch software can be compiled to suit each individual requirement. This basic licence SET-01 is always required to be able to operate KERN EasyTouch. All KERN EasyTouch functions can be run on the basis of this software, as long as they do not use other apps as a basis. This means that KERN EasyTouch can be configured to be efficient in terms of cost and effort so that it is lean, in order to meet individual requirements
  • Existing devices: KERN EasyTouch can communicate with selected current KERN balances. Step by step, more KERN devices are being added to KERN EasyTouch. See www.kern-sohn.com for the current device list


  • Standard user, with
    - automatic selection of the relevant user when EasyTouch is switched on
    - Selection as to whether a password needs to be entered for this user or not
  • EasyTouch standard function
    - automatic opening of the selected EasyTouch function, when EasyTouch is switched on
    - enables a specific user to go straight to a function automatically
  • Standard device function
    - for each user, a specific balance can be defined as the default device
    - each time EasyTouch is opened, this default device will be selected automatically
    - Efficient use of EasyTouch: Different users do not have to select their individual balance manually
  • Master data, expanded with ERP item number field:
    - for the import and presentation of item numbers or names, which, for example, correspond to the item numbers in the user’s ERP system
    - this field enables the transfer of weighing and counting results to the user’s ERP system
    - in EasyTouch, the item search is possible using this new field, e.g. using a barcode
  • FDA conformity (21 CFR Part 11),
    - with password encryption, so that the basic specifications of the FDA are confirmed through password management
    - Audit trail function: Versioning and validation system
    - tamper-proof protected data storage


  • The central data memory function SaveServer for additional storage of all measurement data in a central, local server directory. By doing this the measurement data of all connected KERN EasyTouch weighing systems as well as from all installed KERN EasyTouch functions will be stored. A particular benefit of doing this for those users with several weighing systems is that all weighing data is consolidated in just one database and you can search for individual measurement data from several balances in just one table. The Save-Server data memory is also tamper-proof and cannot be changed, KERN SET-10

Standard Print – configurable printouts

  • The print function is used to design the printouts. Print forms can be generated and stored individually. You can easily create a new print form by using drag and drop to add the variable fields to the new form, in addition you can store a header and footer with company details, logo, etc. in the form
  • PC print function: Running the KERN EasyTouch software in a Windows® or Android™ environment means that you can use the complete PC/tablet accessory structure. In particular, standard Windows®/Android™ printers and PC/Android™ label printers can print out a wide range of print protocols or compact adhesive labels
  • Logo and graphics: A graphics file (e.g. company logo or motif) can be loaded into the text header
  • Header, footer, company address: Depending on the type of printout, individual headers and footers can be defined. In addition, the master data of your company can be stored with name, address, etc. and also selected to print out in the footer
  • Individual print content: One of the main functions of the KERN EasyTouch print function is that the user can store for his software, which fields should be printed out in the print format of a specific function and which fields should not be printed out. The user has the choice between a wide range of protocols on one hand and a compact printout label on the other hand
  • User-based print function: In the KERN EasyTouch print function, there is the option of assigned different print protocols to different user groups – even for the same application. As an example, the piece-counting function may have an extensive printout stored for user role A and a very compact printout for user role B
  • Function-based print formats: Each print format is assigned to a specific KERN EasyTouch function. By doing this, a very short print protocol can be also be assigned to a function (e.g. piece counting) and another function (e.g. recipe weighing) can have a much more comprehensive print protocol. This means, for example, that you can print out compact labels as adhesive labels


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