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Professional and highly-flexible recording or transfer of measurements, particularly to Microsoft® Excel or Access


Product family SCD
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  • For operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Supports balances and measuring devices with RS 232, RS 485, Bluetooth, LAN or WiFi network (TCP/UDP/IP)
  • Highly flexible formatting and design of the output (any order and positioning, formatting and rounding), particularly recording of date and time for every value transferred, if required
  • Any number of devices/interfaces can be connected, as well as simultaneous and synchronised recording of several balances
  • Key-activated or time-controlled interrogation of measurements or trigger of device functions, also for continuous recording
  • The interface protocols for KERN balances are already predefined (standard configuration). Support of other balances is possible through flexible configuration
  • Compatible interface cable included when you order a KERN balance at the same time
  • Many different transfer and recording options:
    - MicrosoftR Excel/Access/Word in the foreground or background
    - Other Windows applications (through key simulation), e.g. shipping software or ERP system (SAP, Sage, etc.)
    - File recording (e.g. as text or CSV file)
    - Print out on text or label printer
  • Additional features of the BalanceConnection PRO version::
    - ODBC/SQL databases such as SQL Server or MySQL
    - Transfer to HTTP Webservices/Web forms
    - Histogram
    - Enables the connection of medical balances to practice EDP systems using the device data transfer protocol (GDT) and also the HL7 protocol
    - Implementation of programs/scrips using freely-definable command lines
    - Command sequences
    - Defining the conditions for specific events and the reaction to these events
    - Filter for stability recognition (configurable value storage)
    - Central configuration repository, e.g. on the network 
    - On-screen displays with configurable user interface for flexible balance operation
  • Benefits
    - Ideal software where weighing data which has been collected needs to be transferred to a Windows PC
    - Particularly suitable for professional integration of weighing systems into existing networks where there is a high demand for automated data transfer and further processing, for integration of databases
    - Automatic recording, e.g. for long-term tests
    - GLP-compliant lab software
    - For each license, you can use as many balances as you need at one PC/workstation
    - Can be used across different branches and applications
    - Also available as a cost-optimised package with 5 licenses, you save 25%!
    - Also available immediately as a download license
  • Scope of supplies: 1 CD, 1 license


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