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Data transfer software for force-displacement-measurements


Product family AFH
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  • AFH FD software is designed for all applications that require the measurement of forces, depending on the displacement. Typically these are force progression graphs in penetration tests or pullout tests
  • The program simultaneously requests the measurements from a force measuring device, e.g. SAUTER FH, as well as a length measuring device, e.g. SAUTER LB or SAUTER LD
  • The measurements from both instruments are transferred continuously to the PC, synchronised by the AFH FD software and exported in the form of a graphic, as well as free data format for simple processing in Microsoft Excel®
  • The software AFH FD is compatible with all instruments of series SAUTER FC, FH, FL
  • These measuring instruments are usually used with SAUTER test stands, in particular those from the SAUTER TVM-N and TVS range. However, it is also possible to use them with mechanical testing machines
  • Further analysis functions:
    - Extension of the test object
    - Tensile and compressive force
    - Endurance testing
    - Archiving the recorded data
  • Scope of delivery for SAUTER AFH FD:
    - Software AFH FD on DVD
    - User manual
    - RS 232 interface cable for FH (FH-A01)
    - USB interface cable for FL (FL-A01)
    - RS 232 interface cable for LB (LB-A01)
  • Compatible with the following operating system: Microsoft Windows 10®
  • Order example for a complete test system:
    - FH 5K (Digital force gauge)
    - LB 300-2 (Digital length measuring device)
    - AFH FD (Force-distance evaluation software)
    - TVM 5000N230N* (Test stand)
    - LB-A02* (Mounting LB on test stands)
    - 2× AFH 12 (RS-232/USB adapter)
    - AC 04* (Test object holder)
    - 963-163* (Force calibration)
    - 961-150* (Length calibration)
    * not necessarily required for operating the AFH FD software


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