Analogue refractometer

Product family: ORA-F

Refractive index measurement for laboratories and the industry


Refractometer type Handheld refractometer
Scale - Display type Analogue
Area of application Automotive
Measuring method Light refraction
Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
Measurement temperature (°C) 10 °C – 30 °C
Scale for ethylene glycol (°C)
Readout ethylene glycol (°C) 1 °C
Measuring range propylene glycol (°C) -50 °C – 0 °C
Measuring range wash water -40 °C – 0 °C
Meausring range batterie fluid 1,10 kg/l – 1,40 kg/l
Readout batterie fluid 0,01 kg/l
IP protection - complete device -
Dimension (W×D×H) 160×40×40 mm
Product family ORA-F
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Automatic temperature compensation


  • The models in the KERN ORA-F range are universal, maintenance-free analogue manual refractometers
  • The handy and robust design allows the easy, efficient and sustainable use in everyday life
  • Manually calculated conversions and errors of the user are avoided by multiple selectable scales.
  • These scales are especailly developed, exactly calculated and checked. They are also characterized by their thin and clear lines.
  • The optical system and the prism cover are made of special material which allows a low-tolerance measuring.
  • All models are fitted with an eyepiece which can be adjusted easily and smoothly to different visual capacities
  • The temperature compensation ("ATC") enables accurate measurement at different ambient temperatures (10 °C to 30 °C)
  • Included with the delivery:
    - Storage box
    - Calibration solution
    - Calibration block if necessary
    - Pipette
    - Screwdriver
    - Cleaning cloth
  • Further accessories are available optionally.
  • This model is particularly suitable for measuring and determining glycol concentration, battery fluid (BF) and measuring the freezing point of screen wash (CW). Furthermore, these models are suitable for measuring temperature-exchange systems.
  • The main scope of applications is:
    - Automotive industry: Car-workshops and producers
    - Chemical industry
    - Solar industry: Antifreeze monitoring


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