Colour spectrometer
JCS 100

Product family: JCS

Versatile colour spectrometer for professional use


Measuring aperture MAV: Ø 8 mm / Ø 10 mm, SAV: Ø 4 mm / Ø 5 mm, LAV: 1 x 3 mm
Observation angle 2°, 10°
Standard deviation (within) 0,08
Display accuracy 0,01
Light source LED, UV
Net weight 0,27 kg
Product group Colour spectrometer
Product family JCS
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USB data interface
Bluetooth* data interface
Rechargeable battery pack
Mains adapter


  • Precise colour spectrometer for determining wavelengths and colour spectra
  • Identifies a range of chroma parameters
  • You can select the standard observation angle as 2 or 10 degrees, several light source modes, several colour spaces
  • Geometric optical D/8 structure, i.e. the angle at which the light is reflected from the sample is recorded is 8 degrees. This structure is suitable for highly diverse materials and surfaces
  • Measurement process: the dual optical trail system simultaneously records the SCI and the SCE spectrum of a sample. This combination enables precise, comprehensive characterisation of the colour, both taking the gloss into account and not taking the gloss into account
  • With LED light source to support fluorescence measurements
  • The integrated white panel for reference is protected against contamination and guarantees the measuring accuracy
  • Portable design, robust construction
  • Wobble-free, dustproof and shockproof
  • Full spectrum with long service life and low power consumption
  • Developed for quality control of colours, in the textile, printing, ceramic, food processing and cosmetics industries, for example
  • Ideal for use in the laboratory and industry:
    - USB data interface, as standard
    - Rapid, accurate measurement of the SCI and SCE spectrum, simultaneously within a second
    - Colour display with simple touch operation
  • Offers the most varied calibration algorithms
  • Supports several national and international standards and parameters, including spectral reflectance, WI (ASTM E313, CIE/ISO, AATCC and Hunter), YI (ASTM 01925, ASTM 313), colour spectrum index of Mt, touch colour fastness, colour authenticity, thickness, coverage rate, 555 colour classification as well as Munsell (C2)


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