Pocket balances

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  • 5er-Set
Pocket carat balance KERN TGD 50-3CS05

Measuring range: 50 g
Readability: 0,001 g
Units: g, gn, dwt, ozt, ct, oz

€ 295,00 *

Pocket balances are the ideal helper whenever mobility and high precision are required. Since they have fewer buttons, operation is simple and fast. Different weight units stored in the pocket balance, such as g, oz, ct, gn, etc., make them universally usable. An integrated pocket calculator (KERN CM) means that you can include the weight measured in the calculation immediately, in order to determine, for example, price, quantity, average value and much more. Compact in size and well protected with a flap or protective cover, which can also be used as a convenient taring container, the pocket balance is always a useful tool for mobile weighing.

  • In production, to check production weights, when picking small parts
  • In quality control for quick checking of small parts such as plastic parts from injection moulding machines, milled parts, screws, etc.
  • For mobile weighing, when collecting samples on-site, for rapid analysis anywhere where there is no mains socket
  • For hobbies and sports, for example, filling gunpowder, weighing parts from construction kits, etc.
  • In commerce, for the fast determination of the weights of coins, jewellery, precious stones, etc.
  • In veterinary medicine for the weighing of small animals or the mixing of feed, etc.
  • In the food industry for the preparation of spice or tea mixes, for weighing food as part of a diet plan