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Transmitted light microscope OBN-14 The fluorescence microscope for the professional user

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  • The fluorescence microscope in the series is based on the usual high quality and versatility of the OBN series. The outstanding, stable design in combination with high-quality optics set the standard in fluorescence microscopy in this class.
  • The powerful, dimmable 20W halogen illumination unit (Philips) and a 100W Epi fluorescence illumination unit (OBN 147/ OBN 148) ensure perfect illumination and excitation of your fluorescence samples
  • As an alternative, with the OBN 141 model we can offer you a fluorescence microscope with a 3W LED transmitted illumination unit and 3W LED Epi fluorescence incident illumination unit
  • This series has a professional Koehler illumination unit with an adjustable field diaphragm as well as a height-adjustable 1,25 Abbe condenser which can be centred and which has an adjustable aperture diaphragm
  • The extremely large mechanical stage table with ergonomic, coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob on both sides enables you to adjust and focus your sample rapidly and accurately
  • With the OBN 147/OBN 148 halogen variant you have a filter wheel which has up to 6 fittings. As standard this is fitted with a B/G or B/G/UV/V fluorescence filter. The OBN 141 LED variant is fitted with a B/G fluorescence filter with a changeover slider as standard. The changeover slider and the filter wheel mean that you can change the stimulation filter quickly
  • A large selection of eyepieces, objectives, colour filters, darkfield condensers as well as a Butterfly Tube, polarising and phase contrast units can easily be integrated thanks to the modular construction system.
  • The centring objective for adjusting the fluorescence, a protective dust cover, eye cups as well as multi-lingual user instructions are included in the scope of delivery.
  • A C-mount adapter is required to connect a camera. You can select this adapter from the following model outfit list

Scope of application

  • Haematology, urology, gynaecology, dermatology, pathology, microbiology and parasitology, immunology, sewage treatment plants, oncology, entomology, vets, water analysis, breweries


  • Specially for translucent, thin, low-contrast, challenging samples (e.g. immuno fluorescence, FISH, DAPI staining, etc.)

Technical data

  • Infinity optical system
  • 5-fold lens revolving unit
  • Siedentopf 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
  • Dioptre compensation (both sides)
  • Overall dimensions W×D×H 530×220×490 mm

  • Please see the overview tables below for details

For information on the accessories which are supplied as standard, please see the individual brochures for the models, see document downloads in the table


• Ocular (Ø 23.2 mm): WF 10× / Ø 20.0 mm OBB-A1351 € 98,60 *
• Ocular (Ø 23.2 mm): WF 16× / Ø 13.0 mm OBB-A1354 € 52,20 *
• Ocular (Ø 23.2 mm): WF 10× / Ø 20.0 mm (reticule 0,1 mm) (adjustable) OBB-A1352 € 162,40 *
• Infinity Plan achromatic objective 4.0× / 0.10 OBB-A1263 € 127,60 *
• Infinity Plan achromatic objective 10.0× / 0.30 OBB-A1243 € 226,20 *
• Infinity E-Plan-objective (Plan /0.40 (spring) W.D. 2.41 mm) OBB-A1250 € 307,40 *
• Infinity Plan achromatic objective 40.0× / 0.70 (spring) OBB-A1257 € 336,40 *
• Infinity Plan achromatic objective 100.0× / 1.30 (oil) (spring) OBB-A1240 € 365,40 *
• Infinity Plan achromatic objective 2.5× / 0.10 OBB-A1247 € 307,40 *
• Infinity E-Plan-objective (Plan /0.80 (spring) W.D. 0.33 mm) OBB-A1270 € 417,60 *
• Tube trinokular, Butterfly 30° inclined, 360° rotatable, eye distance: 50.0–75.0 mm, light distribution: 100:0, dioptre compensation both sides OBB-A1382 € 603,20 *
• Condenser Abbe N.A. 1,25 center-adjustable (aperture diaphragm) OBB-A1102 € 98,60 *
• Swing-out condenser N.A. 0,9 / 0,13 center-adjustable (aperture diaphragm) OBB-A1104 € 255,20 *
• Darkfield condenser, 0,85-0,91 () OBB-A1421 € 307,40 *
• Halogen spare bulb 6 V/20 W (transmitted light) OBB-A1370 € 29,00 *
• Polarising unit Analyser/Polariser OBB-A1283 € 307,40 *
• Phase contrast unit Quintuple hole turret with 10x / 20x / 40x / 100x Infinity-PH-Plan objectives (complete set) OBB-A1237 € 1.821,20 *
• Phase contrast unit Independent slot with 8 PH-Plan-objective 10× OBB-A1214 € 359,60 *
• Phase contrast unit Independent slot with 8 PH-Plan-objective 20× OBB-A1216 € 406,00 *
• Phase contrast unit Independent slot with 8 PH-Plan-objective 40× OBB-A1218 € 487,20 *
• Phase contrast unit Independent slot with 8 PH-Plan-objective 100× OBB-A1212 € 591,60 *
• C-Mount camera adapter 1.00x OBB-A1140 € 116,00 *
• C-Mount camera adapter 0.60x (focus adjustable) OBB-A1136 € 185,60 *
• Fluorescence unit OBB-A1156 € 3.607,60 *
• Colour filter green OBB-A1188 € 22,04 *
• Filter yellow for OBF-1, OBL-1, OBN-13, OKN-1, OKO-1, OPN-1, OPO-1 OBB-A1165 € 22,04 *
• Filter grey for OBF-1, OBL-1, OBN-13, OKN-1, OKO-1, OPN-1, OPO-1 OBB-A1183 € 22,04 *
• 100W HBO Bulb for fluorescence unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1358 € 139,20 *
• PH condenser and PH slide 10x for Phase contrast unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1394 € 301,60 *
• PH condenser and PH slide 20x for Phase contrast unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1395 € 301,60 *
• PH condenser and PH slide 40x for Phase contrast unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1396 € 301,60 *
• PH condenser and PH slide 100x for Phase contrast unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1397 € 301,60 *
• SLR camera adapter (Nikon) OBB-A1438 € 406,00 *
• SLR camera adapter (Canon) OBB-A1439 € 406,00 *
• SLR camera adapter (Olympus) OBB-A1440 € 406,00 *
• PH condenser for Phase contrast unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1451 € 145,00 *
• PH slide 10x for Phase contrast unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1452 € 127,60 *
• PH slide 20x for Phase contrast unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1453 € 127,60 *
• PH slide 100x for Phase contrast unit for serie OBN-1 OBB-A1455 € 127,60 *
• Cleaning set for microscopes OCS 901 € 29,00 *
• Microskope camera, 1,3 MP, CMOS 1/3", Farbe ODC 872 € 214,60 *


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The Hire Purchase Agreement can - if you so choose - be set for a period of between one and five years. All goods paid for in rates are covered by the warranty over the complete time period of the hire purchase

Compared with buying the product, KERN hire purchase offers the advantage that the initial financial investment is largely unnecessary. This is particularly relevant when purchasing a number of products, for example when refitting a laboratory, a company department or a hospital ward. In addition the monthly installments constitute a direct cost and the item does not have to be capitalised by the purchaser.


this is where you can search for spare parts for devices which you are already using. Ideally you will search using the serial number, which is given on the type plated under [SN].
Alternatively you can search by item number, which is also indicated on the type plate under [REF].
When doing this please make sure that the spare part is compatible with your device, by checking the specified scope of application.

360° rotatable microscope head
Trinocular Microscope: For the inspection with both eyes and the additional option for the connection of a camera
Abbe Condenser: With high numerical aperture for the concentration and the focusing of light
Halogen illumination: For pictures bright and rich in contrast
Fluorescence illumination for compound microscopes: With 100 W mercury lamp and filter
Transmitting illumination: For transparent objects
Mains part: mains part integrated in the balance. 230V/50Hz Standard type D, if requested also available in standard GB, AUS or USA.
Parcel shipment via courier. Ready for dispatch in 1 day
3 years warranty
Phase contrast unit: For a higher contrast
Darkfield condenser/unit
For a higher contrast due to indirect illumination
Polarising unit: To polarise the light
Length measurement: captures the geometric dimensions of a test object or the movement during a test process.


* All prices include the german legally applicable VAT (16 %) and do not include shipping costs
Optical system
incl. VAT
of VAT
incl. VAT
OBN 141
3W LED (transmitted), 3W LED (reflected)
€ 5.185,20
€ 4.470,00
OBN 147
6 V, 20W Halogen (transmitted), 100W HBO (reflected)
€ 5.092,40
€ 4.390,00
OBN 148
6 V, 20W Halogen (transmitted), 100W HBO (reflected)
€ 6.530,80
€ 5.630,00