Digital refractometer ORM-B_ORM-R Digital calculation index measurement for universal applications


  • The KERN ORM refractometers are accurate and universal maintenance free digital handheld refractometers.
  • Other key features are the easy handling and sturdiness
  • The handy and robust design allows the easy, efficient and sustainable use in everyday life
  • The large, easy-to-read display with integrated temperature display supports the user to reliably determine the measurement
  • The integrated automatic temperature compensation (ATC) means that you can work easily and quickly, as you do not have to manually convert the measurement
  • A quick and user-friendly calibration of the refractometer is possible at any time using commercially available distilled water
  • The refractometers of the KERN ORM series are protected against dust and splash water according to the international protection class IP65. You can rinse the refractometer under running water after use
  • Included in the scope of supply
    • -
    • - Pipette
    • - 1 × AAA (1.5 V)
    • - User manual
  • Measuring temperature: 0 – 40 °C
  • Overall dimensions W×D×H 121 × 58 × 25 mm
  • Net weight approx. 289 g
  • Power supply: 1 × AAA (1.5 V)
  • Service life of the batteries: approx. 10,000 measurements
  • ATC (Automatic temperature compensation)
  • Minimum sample volume: 2 drops

  • The following models are particularly suitable for basic measurement where the result is required in Brix or refractive index. They are used to determine the sugar content in food or for monitoring processes in the industry (coolant monitoring, water-based mixtures). Alternatively the display can be switched to show Brix or the refractive index.

Main areas of application:
  • Industry: Process and quality control, lubricant control
  • Food processing industry: drinks, fruit, sweets
  • Agriculture: Determining the degree of ripeness of fruit for quality control during the harvest
  • Restaurants and industrial kitchens



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Automatic temperature compesation: For measurements between 10 °C and 30 °C
IP 65 protection in accordance with DIN EN 60529:
Designed for temporary contact with liquids. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Dustproof.
Battery operation: The battery type is specified for each device.
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Measuring capacity
Refractive index
1,3330 nD - 1,4200 nD
0,0 % - 50,0 %
0,0003 nD
0,2 %
0,0001 nD
0,1 %
€ 370,00
Refractive index
1,3330 nD - 1,5177 nD
0,0 % - 90,0 %
0,0003 nD
0,2 %
0,0001 nD
0,1 %
€ 470,00