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Going higher, faster, further – thanks to the fully automated high bay warehouse of KERN & Sohn
KERN & Sohn has launched what can be considered as THE logistical flagship project of the Zollernalb region in the German federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is a fully automated high bay warehouse with an innovative and preventive fire protection system.

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KERN main 2016 catalogue for balances and test services - new!
KERN main 2016 catalogue for balances and test services - new! On 220 pages you will find a large number of premium counting systems with intelligent touchscreen display devices, affordable school balances, high-quality precision balances etc.

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New KERN catalogue medical balances
Here are the new products for 2016: KERN presents its MEDICAL BALANCES for clinics, doctor’s surgeries, care institutions and vets at MEDICA

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KERN shows you what happens – Stocktaking and goods inwards control with KERN counting balances
Have you seen our YouTube channel? – Two new films about stocktaking and goods inwards control show you how to do it with the KERN stocktaking counting balances and counting systems.

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NEW: KERN microscopes and refractometers

Have you already seen our extensive range of high-quality microscopes and refractometers?

Whether you’re looking for a simple “school microscope” or a high-quality polarising microscope for demanding applications in research, development and quality assurance - with over 70 models you are sure to find the right device!

And that’s not all:
In addition, in the new KERN Optics range you will find 70 analogue and digital refractometers for the food industry, agriculture, restaurants and canteen kitchens as well as industrial applications.

And of course we offer an extensive range of accessories for both product sectors, such as, for example, stereo microscope stands, cold light sources, ring lighting units or microscope cameras, to name just a few.
Do you want to know more? Then have a look in the new KERN Optics catalogue 2015 right now: