SET-15 ET BottleWeigh – Professional weighing of spirits / bottles, stock management & bar statistics


  • Note: the required basis is SET-01 ET OS (basic package)

  • Bar Management: With KERN EasyTouch BottleWeigh you have a modern tool for professional inventory management in bars

  • Measuring and weighing: With the aid of intelligent databases, ET BottleWeigh can precisely determine the content of partially empty bottles. This content determination can be carried out using a mobile KERN scale or manually in the software via "liquor bar"(4). In both cases, the bottle content is determined exactly and forms the basis for an exact calculation of consumption in the bar

  • Complete inventory vs. spot checks: In KERN EasyTouch BottleWeigh any number of checks can be created. These checks can either record the complete bottle inventory in a bar (Full inventory check) or they can refer to specific spirits (Spot check) (5). "Full inventory checks are typically carried out regularly and systematically as the basis of bar management. Spot checks" allow the performance of certain spirits to be monitored, e.g. top 10 whiskeys. All checks can be scheduled for a regular rhythm

  • All types of bars & bar areas: In KERN EasyTouch BottleWeigh, bars with open and full bottles can be managed (weigh & count), as well as "stockrooms" with only full bottles, from which bars are supplied with supplies (count). Similarly, different areas within a bar can be distinguished. Such areas can either contain open and full bottles or only full bottles (stock areas) (6). The order of the bottles can be determined independently for each bar and bar area

  • Spirit management: All spirits are managed in KERN EasyTouch BottleWeigh with all relevant master data. The specific weight of the spirits, which is also stored, is the basis for time-saving volume determination by weighing. For fast volume determination of full bottles, images of the boxes or even pallets can be stored - just as the spirits are delivered or stored

  • Quality control of the spirits stock: During the inventory checks of spirits, details or any characteristics of all or individual spirits can be queried, such as expiry date or broken glass, etc. Warning messages or handling instructions for specific spirits can also be maintained and displayed

  • Open / fixed bottle sequence: For each check, it can be stored whether the inspector checks one bottle after the other in a fixed sequence or whether he selects all spirits in a free selection. Especially with the fixed sequence, a very fast and time-saving stocktaking is possible

  • Consumption analysis of spirits: The result of all spirits checks (both full inventory checks and spot checks) is, on the one hand, the difference in stock compared to the previous check or - if connected - the difference to a connected cash register system (POS system). For this purpose, the measurement results of open bottles as well as counting results of full bottles and counting results from the storage rooms are added together. The results are displayed in tabular form and graphically as trend analysis (11) - individually for individual spirits or cumulated for a bar. All check results can be printed and show a management summary at the top

  • Possible counting errors can be detected by the machine as extreme deviations and a warning is issued to the user

  • Central measurement data memory: All printed and stored weighing data and measurement data are stored in this memory. The storage is either on the local display unit or centrally - for all connected weighing systems - in a server directory (save server) or a cloud directory (save cloud). All storage data is tamper-proof, i.e. stored unalterably. Changes to master data (e.g. of spirits) are also stored in the dynamic data memory in a tamper-proof manner (data traceability). Dynamic data can be called up again at any time and printed or exported by table

  • Option: Check notifications: With this option, notifications of pending checks can be sent in good time to the persons responsible for carrying out the checks. The notifications are sent by email to the addresses of the testers. If the check is still not started in time, an escalation message can be sent to a superordinate user group (e.g. to the management). With this option, check results can be automatically sent to permanently stored recipients. Option: SET-154

  • New spirits can be created freely by the user and in any quantity. Alternatively, the creation of new spirits can be outsourced - e.g. to beverage wholesalers - the user is guided step by step. In the course of the creation process, the specific weight of the new spirit is recorded, which later guarantees accurate inventory results. Alternatively, the master data of new spirits can also be purchased from KERN via update

  • Pause: Extensive inventory checks can be paused at any time, stored temporarily and resumed later

  • Option: Bartender Administration & Fraud Management: Does a bartender cash in his own pocket? Does a bartender pour from his own bottles and cash in for himself? Does a bartender generate more turnover in the same bar than another bartender? KERN EasyTouch BottleWeigh can optionally manage the bar staff (8). For this purpose, a data model is managed for each bar, consisting of opening hours, work shifts and assigned personnel. From the analysis and comparison of consumption values, which arise during the check, the individual bartenders can be analysed and compared with each other (10). The bartender analysis covers these result areas: Turnover performance, fraud analysis, sickness & work loss analysis. Option: SET-153

  • Option: Barkeeper Dashboard: Based on the option "Barkeeper Management SET-153", the function "Barkeeper Dashboard" is another optional premium function. With "Barkeeper-Dashboard" the user receives a comprehensive personnel administration, with possibilities for the maintenance of personal documents - such as employment contract, notes, profile pictures, which then appear in the illustrated shift plan. For each bartender his personal shift plan can be generated and printed. All bartenders can be reminded of their shift automatically and in time via email or mobile phone text message (SET-155)


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Hire Purchase gives you the option of purchasing any product from the range against a simple monthly installment. The product value is financed over the period of the agreement. On payment of the last installment, the ownership of the contract item automatically transfers from the contractor to the contractee.

The Hire Purchase Agreement can - if you so choose - be set for a period of between one and five years. All goods paid for in rates are covered by the warranty over the complete time period of the hire purchase

Compared with buying the product, KERN hire purchase offers the advantage that the initial financial investment is largely unnecessary. This is particularly relevant when purchasing a number of products, for example when refitting a laboratory, a company department or a hospital ward. In addition the monthly installments constitute a direct cost and the item does not have to be capitalised by the purchaser.


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