Software SET-08 ET Take-out – The take-out function enables negativeweighing out of a source container


  • Note: the required basis is SET-01 ET OS (basic package)

  • The Take-out function allows highly-efficient, rapid removal of defined portions from a source container. When doing this, the source container is positioned on the balance. The balance shows the user whether a portion has been taken out properly or not, using visual and audible feedback. Each correct take/out operation will be displayed and stored by the system (“Negative weighing” or “Weighing by removing items”)

  • With this take-out aid, portions can be taken out rapidly and easily. Accurate data storage by the system allows you to see at first glance, how many portions have been taken out and how high the quantity loss is per portion in comparison with the target quantity

  • Colour bar graph: Through the colour bar graph, the user is shown quickly and clearly,whether the weighing result is below , within or above the stored tolerance range. The blue “I” result marking also shows the user where exactly the weight is within the tolerance range

  • The target weights of the portions can be entered easily or can be taken from the current weight on the balance and be stored with a permitted tolerance . Using the “Quick keys” 1 to 4, take-out items can be stored and quickly recalled

  • Central master data memory: Take-out objects can be stored in the memory of the system with portion weight, permitted tolerance, ID number, name, image, etc. In this way this data does not have to constantly be entered again, but can be easily recalled from the memory. In the master data memory you can also store a possible tare value for the typical packaging, box or container which is typically used for the total quantity and which will then be deducted automatically from the weighing result

  • ID security: “ID security” offers the possibilityof storing each weighed and stored weighing result with a unique ID number (Dynamic Object ID) and an ID name (Dynamic Object Name). Storage can be triggered at the end of each take-out sequence either semi-automatically (green mode) or fully-automatically (red mode). This means that the user does not have to press any buttons to save the weights and can work efficiently

  • Batch description: Each take-out sequence can be stored with customer order name, number and with its own batch number

  • Statistical evaluation: For each take-out sequence the system evaluates the material loss in the sense of a take-out value above the defined target value and displays this both as a total as well as in relation to the individual portion

  • Take-out in pieces: You can toggle between two take-out modes, take-out with weight and take-out using pieces. In the take-out mode using pieces, the user can weigh an individual reference weight, let the system calculate this weight or enter it direct. By doing this, the weights are converted into piece-count values

Technical data

  • Licensing: One license can be operated on up to four terminal devices (PC, laptop, tablet) at the same time, working independently

  • User: You can store as many users as you need in one license

  • Balances: You can store and operate as many balances as you need in one license

  • Communication balances-terminal device: The balance(s) can communicate using serial connections, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet or WiFi with the PC, laptop or tablet


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