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Improved chair scale KERN MCC
Improved chair scale KERN MCC You know what that is? You charged your chair scale at the wall socket. In a hurry, you roll away the chair scale without first removing the mains adapter and in the worst case, the power cable may break. This does not have to happen! The current model of the chair scale KERN MCC 250K100M is equipped with a technically improved mains adapter. A standard integrated strain relief with disconnecting plug protects the power supply components, z. e.g. if the power cable is accidentally pulled. KERN - always one idea ahead!

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New SAUTER catalogue is available!
SAUTER catalogue MEASURING TECHNOLOGY & TEST SERVICE 2020 - order now free of charge ! Premium force gauges for use with an internal or external measuring cell, universal screw clamp for tensile and compression tests, low-cost test stand for force tests, a large range of measuring cells and much more ...

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New KERN catalogue is available!
KERN Catalogue Balances & Test Service 2020 - the new catalogue is here! Many innovations await you in the fields of industry and laboratory, among others, and all in a completely new look!  

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New KERN catalogue medical balances is available!
Novelties 2020 out now: KERN presents its medical scales for clinics, medical practices, nursing homes and veterinarians - there is something for every area. Take a look at the new medical catalogue now!

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New OPTICS catalogue is available!
KERN Microscopes & Refractometers Catalog 2020 - check the innovative news and highlights right now! Quickly click in, you will find an even larger selection of microscope cameras, high-quality refractometers, professional accessories...

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Spare parts search in the shop
From now you can search for spare parts for the KERN / SAUTER devices you are using.

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KERN service portal
In our new service portalyou can register your repair (service returns) in an instant and download a consignment note for the goods

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Modular axle load scale for the mobile monitoring of vehicles up to 15 t
It’s time to save! Due to efficiency-improvement measures we are able to offer our high-quality KERN VHP axle load scale and an extensive package of accessories immediately at a significantly reduced special price.

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The intuitive way to weigh - KERN easytouch Touchscreen balances
Easy and incredibly quick to use - that's what you get with the new KERN GAT and KERN IFT touchscreen balances

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Last delivery before Christmas


Dear business partners, 

A long and eventful year is slowly coming to an end.  

So that you can plan your orders and deliveries in the last month of the year exactly, we would like to inform you about our opening hours around the holidays, our inventory and the turn of the year: 

On Friday, 20.12.2019 we will ship parcels and pallets for the last time this year.
On Monday, 23.12.2019, Friday 27.12.2019 and Monday 30.12.2019 we will be there for you from 08:00-17:00. However, we do not ship any goods.
On Thursday, 02.01.2020 we will start shipping parcels and pallets again. 

Please place your order in good time so that your goods reach you or your customer in good time before the holidays. For delivery times and availability, please refer to our website or, in case of doubt, contact our customer advisors, who will be happy to assist you at any time. 

Please note that parcel services and shipping companies may not be able to meet the normal delivery times due to the holiday business. Please take this into account when you place your order.

For further details please contact your client consultant. 

We thank you for your understanding and the great and successful cooperation at the end of the year. 

We wish you and your families a peaceful December