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How to make the wine harvest even more effective...
With refractometers and balances from KERN you are in safe hands! Whether it’s to determine the degree of ripeness of your grapes with our high-quality refractometers or for further processing with our stainless steel balances or platform scales, which are particularly hygienic and easy to clean through to professional dispatch with our robust, space-saving logistics scales: we will always have just the right measuring Instrument for you.

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New KERN catalogue is available!
KERN Catalogue Balances & Test Service 2019 - 16 new pages with industry 4.0 equipment, tablets, precise pocket scales, the fastest analytical balance in the KERN range, a low-priced moisture analyzer for rapid tests...

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New KERN catalogue medical balances is available!
Novelties 2019 out now: KERN presents its medical scales for clinics, medical practices, nursing homes and veterinarians at MEDICA trade fair in Düsseldorf. Take a look at the new medical catalogue now!

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New OPTICS catalogue is available!
KERN Microscopes & Refractometers Catalog 2019 - check the innovative news right now! Quickly click in, a tablet with integrated microscope camera, inexpensive school microscopes...

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New SAUTER catalogue is available!
SAUTER Catalogue MEASUREMENT & TEST SERVICE 2019 - out now ! Premium force gauges with external measuring cell, universal screw clamp for tensile and compression tests, ultrasonic material thickness gauge, a wide range of measuring cells and much more...

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Spare parts search in the shop
From now you can search for spare parts for the KERN / SAUTER devices you are using.

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KERN service portal
In our new service portalyou can register your repair (service returns) in an instant and download a consignment note for the goods

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Modular axle load scale for the mobile monitoring of vehicles up to 15 t
It’s time to save! Due to efficiency-improvement measures we are able to offer our high-quality KERN VHP axle load scale and an extensive package of accessories immediately at a significantly reduced special price.

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The intuitive way to weigh - KERN easytouch Touchscreen balances
Easy and incredibly quick to use - that's what you get with the new KERN GAT and KERN IFT touchscreen balances

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Gnome far from home in global gravity experiment
  [Balingen, 25.07.2012]

In recent months, the news of the exciting journey of KERN, the scientific garden gnome and his balance has reached almost 355 million people in 152 countries around the globe …

… and has also been met with a lot of interest in the press:

It was an overwhelming response for an experiment that was originally conceived as an educational aid for schools. With a purpose-designed measuring instrument (precision balance) and a transport medium suitable for the target group (KERN, the scientific garden gnome, teachers were given an ideal way to explain more easily the phenomenon of gravitational force having different strengths throughout the world.

The idea caught on: The gnome experiment went from strength to strength in schools, to the point that it has become an integral part of classroom activities.

Over and above the educational accolade, KERN, the scientific garden gnome has also received two very special awards:


TED is an American Organisation, whose aim is to publish new ground-breaking ideas worldwide. The so-called "talent search", which took place in London for Europe entries, attracted many thousands of ideas.

KERN, the scientific garden gnome was selected as a particularly innovative way of explaining gravitational force in schools. There was also an invitation to present the scheme in London. James Nester and Albert Sauter from KERN & SOHN were pleased to accept this invitation.

The presentation was recorded and broadcast. You can see an excerpt of the broadcast on the Organisation's website:

2. Cannes Lions

The highest accolade in the field of communication is the "Cannes Lion". This accolade is awarded in 13 different categories for particularly outstanding communications ideas. In 2012, the KERN gnome experiment won two of these sought-after awards at the same time.
  • Silver Lion in the "Direct" category
  • Bronze Lion in the "Cyber" category
You can see here a short film showing how KERN, the scientific gnome came to Cannes:

Winning these prizes has been made possible through the excellent work of the OGILVYONE WORLDWIDE agency in London, with its Creative Director James Nester, who came up with the idea in the first place.

And the travels of KERN the scientific garden gnome with his balance continue. Amongst others, there is the visit to the most northerly school in Europe in Longyearbyen auf Spitsbergen (Norway), a visit to the wondrous "Magnetic Hill" in the Ladakh area (India) as well as a parabola flight with NASA to simulate the weightlessness on the program.

You can follow the experiment at any time on the specially designed website:

Contact at KERN:

KERN & Sohn GmbH
Albert Sauter
Ziegelei 1
D-72336 Balingen
T:  +49 (0) 7433 9933 157
M: +49 (0) 172 941 4640