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PLS-A01 Set for density determination for KERN PLJ ([d] = 0,001 g)


  • Set for density determination of liquids and solids
  • Suitable for Precision balance KERN PLJ (only suitable for models with readout [d] = 0,001 g)
Category: Accessories
Product Group: Set for density determination
Packaging & shipping
Delivery: 24 h
Dimensions packaging (WxDxH): 390mm x 290mm x 135mm
Gross weight: 1 kg
Net weight: 480 g



Financing is available using the KERN rental option - easy and convenient.

These rental options offer the option of purchasing any product from the range against a simple monthly rental fee. The product value is financed over the period of the rental contract. At the end of the rental contract the hirer can have the product - on request - or exchange it for a product which is as good as new and continue with the rental contract. In this way the KERN rental system is not dissimilar to a leasing agreement.

The rental agreement can - if you so choose - can be set for a period of between one and five years.

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This service package is available:
Rental_pure: In this basic package, as well as the transfer of the product, an automatic guarantee extension is included to last for the full contract period, so up to a maximum of five years. 

The advantage as against the traditional method of purchasing products is that the product remains under the protection of the manufacturer’s warranty throughout the entire standard working life.